The Very Simple Truth About Wearing a Face Mask — It Should Not Be too Difficult to Understand!

According to health experts wearing a face mask, even homemade one made of cotton, is an effective method in reducing the transmission of coronavirus

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Orders to wear a face mask

Despite all the warnings from the government, medical professionals and other concerned organizations, many people remain adamant.

Why was there a reversal?

Health experts who continue to make various studies on COVID-19 now firmly agree that wearing a mask can prevent the spread of coronavirus. But people in the West are hesitant to wear masks because they are not used to it. Wearing a face covering when they have a cough, cold or flu is more common in many parts of Asia. Moreover, several studies showed conclusive evidence that face masks can prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

Benefits of wearing a mask

Infectious disease specialist Peter Chin-Hong, MD and epidemiologist George Rutherford, MD of the University of California San Francisco discussed reasons why wearing a mask is recommended and the benefits people will get from it.

Reducing community transmission

According to Dr. Rutherford, when 80% of the population wears masks, it could effectively reduce the spread of COVID-19 compare to a total lockdown. He added that had 95% of people heeded that mandate to wear masks, about 33,000 deaths could have been avoided last October.

Type of mask to use

The best type of mask to wear in public is something that would make the wearer comfortable, according to the two doctors. They explained that N95 respirators are needed in medical situations, such as when healthcare workers have to intubate patients. Surgical masks are better. They are also lightweight making them very comfortable to wear. The bottomline: the public should wear face masks made from cotton fabric.

In the new normal, people have to follow the 3 Ws:

  1. Wear a mask — This is the most effective.
  2. Watch your distance.
  3. Wash your hands.


In the mid-November 2020 update of Healthline, experts say that about 130,000 lives could be saved if 95% of the population will wear face masks between November 2020 and March 2021.

Seriously, a TOP PRIORITY

Fighting the pandemic is a top priority for the incoming Biden-Harris administration. The medical experts are saying that they should persistently call on Americans to abide by the health requirement of wearing masks. They also recommend working with state and local officials to fight the pandemic by calling on Americans to ‘’step up in the time of crisis.’’

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